interplayBusiness simulation game Interplay™, a challenging, competitive business simulation designed to challenge leaders to understand and manage the interplay of forces that drive an organization’s success.

In this simulation management teams of three to four people, each with specific roles and accountabilities, compete with other organizations in a dynamic marketplace.

Each team determines their specific business strategy and then makes decisions regarding the allocation of resources, projects to implement, people to hire, and customers to pursue.

The team with the highest market value (the combined value of tangible and intangible assets) at the end of the session wins the competition. Over eight simulated time periods, teams experience a systems perspective involving team negotiation and collaboration; internal and external competition; resource and asset allocation; and strategic investments and trade-offs.

Participants learn that the competition for internal and external resources requires strategy, ingenuity, and the ability to understand multiple organizational perspectives.

Simulation Objectives:

  • Determining sources of competitive advantage and applying these to business decisions.
  • Creating value by leveraging the knowledge flow among people, customers, and organizational tools and processes.
  • Making decisions from a big picture perspective.
  • Understanding management negotiation and collaboration in limited resource conditions.
  • Analyzing the financial impact of implementing various business strategies.
  • Balancing the tension between achieving short-term tangible returns and creating long-term value.
  • Understanding and analyzing financial statements and key financial performance indicators.