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"Jennifer has been a Leadership Coach for my team and me for over a year. Her work with us has been transforming on both a professional and a personal basis. Her background as a behavioralist, combined with her savvy of the modern business landscape have provided us valuable guidance, improving our team interactions, communication, and the way we lead. These skills and her fearless integrity will challenge and bring out the best in any one or any team."
By Jim Dolce - Vice President Systems and Software Development at FUJIFILM North America Corporation


“The human need to reflect and grow personally is easy to lose sight of in the execution of our jobs. As leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure that our people build in time for reflection, self improvement, learning and innovation. This is the essential competitive advantage in the new economy. Jennifer’s Agility3R forum helped me to work though my own self-imposed barriers to this insight amongst many other things. I highly recommend attending one of Jennifer’s round-tables for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.”
By Sean Flaherty - EVP Strategy, ITX Corp
“As an executive coach for IT professionals, Jennifer Sertl has good insight into the unique issues those in IT have communicating effectively and building impactful relationships with other Senior Business Leaders. Jennifer has helped me build my confidence and improve my personal presentation style to be a more effective leader and trusted advisor. I appreciate her insight, and focus on IT in particular, as the IT executive roles continue to move towards being a more business savvy partner. I would highly recommend engaging with Jennifer as part of your professional development.”
By Lorrie White - VP Global IT, CooperVision
“We surmise that at least 5% of our year over year growth for the last 4 years is attributed to Jenn’s workforce leadership training. The cost/benefit justification for Optimax is a slam-dunk.”
By Mike Mandina - President, Optimax Systems Inc
Jennifer Sertl is acutely aware that what happens inside your organization is a result of poor process design or no design at all. She recognizes how important it is that senior management be more intentional in their daily actions and interactions with all business stakeholders. Her methods are aimed at building design or process into the business so that success can be sustained and less vulnerable to chance.”
By Herb Ego - VP Business Development, Bristol ID Technologies
“Prior to hiring Jenn Sertl, my business model was unfocused and quite frankly heading in the wrong direction. Since bringing Jenn on board; and utilizing her keen ability and insight into how to design a successful business venture; I have turned things around. I am projecting a very successful year. My businesses success is directly attributed to Jenn’s coaching abilities. She has an uncanny ability to bring to light that which is holding you back and illustrating what you need to do to move forward.”
By Pamela R. Bauer - President/CEO, Abacus Accounting Solutions
"Intelligent. Inquisitive. Insightful. Inspiring. From our first session, Jenn outlined a strategy and a practical framework to give me the tools to develop and bring to life my authentic core competencies. She identified habits and behaviors which may have been impeding my success and deftly turned several of them into strengths. Leveraging her keen understanding of business dynamics and expertise in human behavior, no matter what level of success you have achieved, Jenn will help you lead with the right mindset, create strong relationships, improve teamwork and execute at a higher level."<br />
By Pete Palermo III - COO / CFO Alleson Athletic
“Jennifer is one of the most forward-thinking and insightful coaches I’ve had the opportunity to work with. She has challenged some of the top companies in Rochester to be global players. “
By Michel Nichols - President PLS Solutions
“Jennifer has provided leadership coaching to our teams as well as one on one coaching for myself over the past couple of years. Her model of understanding both individual behaviors and team dynamics provides a very effective method for helping you find the best ways to lead, through better understanding of yourself.<br /> Her honest and forthright feedback can be challenging to accept, but in my case doing so has helped me immensely. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer to anyone seriously interested in either self, or team improvement / effectiveness.”
By Matt Coene - Director of Advanced Development at Fujifilm e-Systems, Inc.
"Being coached and inspired by Jennifer has been an incredible experience that has energised me and sharpened my focus. Her intellect, thorough research and understanding of the human mind is what makes her exceptional: besides, of course, being a fine, compassionate human being. A rare combination.<br /> An honor to be fueled by your sparkling energy!"
By Vijay Nallawala - AVC Consutancy, Author, DNA India

Our Clients


Agility 3R is convinced that organizations with the clearest understanding of reality and with the highest consciousness will be the winners because they will see signs in the macro invisible to others. We will help you leverage the internal wisdom of those within your business ecosystem.