Workforce Development

Our customized process . . .

We best serve clients that are experiencing rapid growth. Often enterprise growth is limited by the agility and alignment of the workforce. To support the acceleration of learning and adaptation within your workforce we design cross-functional team programs focusing on these outcomes:

Individuals will have richer understanding of all the trade-offs that must be managed for the company to be competitive and include these trade-offs in day-to-day decision making.

Silos are dissolved as individuals realize the importance of different perspectives and functions within the organization.

Enterprise wide there is greater “big picture” perspective of financial, operational and market strategies that drive the organization.

Increased awareness of intangible value and how to make the invisible visible in concrete terms in both the collaborative & platform economy.

Enhanced commitment to create strategic value across internal employees, customers, vendors and shareholders.

Deeper individual commitment to personal excellence and continuous learning

With these outcomes at the epicenter of our customer design Agility3R is excellent at supporting your employee engagement strategy. Learning is iterative and often requires sprints of content followed by deep questions and an opportunity for reflection.

Agility3R initial work has entailed getting grounded in the company and getting familiar with the corporate culture. We will conduct several informal interviews and shadowed some of your leadership team. This stage is essential to our supporting your strategic growth. From this process we will design a cross-functional team program that creates commitment and alignment.

Define. . .

the culture
the goals
the challenges
the opportunities

Design. . .

the solution
the methodology
the process
the innovation

Devote .. .

the resources
the people
the team
the leadership

Deliver .. .

the program
the project
the outcome
the results